About Us

How It All Began

The aromas of traditional Lebanese foods and dishes can shape childhood memories; waking up to the smell of the fragrant Za’atar herb mixture, warming cold winter evenings with a bowl of fermented Kishk soup, and indulging in a spoonful of homemade jam after school. These memories, laced with the traces of traditional Lebanese flavors, play an important role in shaping Lebanese people’s love for their country, culture, cuisine and traditions. 

Jar Thuraya’s story began with Teta Maha, a devoted mother of seven who prepared her own mouneh, by preserving foods through various techniques and storing their natural goodness in jars. Teta Maha’s annual mouneh not only allowed her family to enjoy flavorsome dishes throughout the year, it also allowed her to celebrate Lebanese traditions and upkeep an important aspect of the Lebanese culinary heritage.

The annual mouneh practice sheds light on the socioeconomic impact of preserving foods for local rural Lebanese communities as it financially supports local farmers, prevents waste by conserving bountiful harvest products for later consumption, and encourages Lebanese women to safeguard this culinary Lebanese tradition.

Inspired by Teta Maha, Jar Thuraya pays homage to every Lebanese woman pouring her heart and soul in the kitchen. Jar Thuraya is driven by a community of Lebanese women producers who specialize in the production of a broad range of seasonal products, to bring their local culinary heritage to the world.

What is Jar Thuraya

Experienced Lebanese homemakers from all over the country have joined forces under Jar Thuraya to create lasting handcrafted gourmet delicacies made from local, organic raw materials.

 Jar Thuraya obtains the freshest organic produce from small farmers and agriculturalists to support the local economy and transforms their seasonal crops into natural preserves through the culinary efforts of hardworking and talented women.

Jar Thuraya advocates for gender equality and supports the economic advancement and financial independence of Lebanese women, by allowing them to make a living from doing what they were taught by their mothers and grandmothers. Jar Thuraya also champions heritage preservation by remaining true to the authentic Lebanese culinary traditions and identity. 

 Jar Thuraya views the Lebanese woman as the symbol of resilience and generosity, and as the main pillar of the community. It, therefore, wants to honor her by sharing her handcrafted delicacies with the world.

A Broad Range of Delicious Jars

Jar Thuraya works with many devoted Lebanese women who have worked passionately in food and mouneh production for many years. Their expert culinary craftsmanship, paired with their exquisite sense of taste, allowed them to create distinct and delicious fusions, handcrafted with love and uniquely sold in Jar Thuraya jars.

 Each jar tells its own story; a story of resilient women, adamant about working only with the best quality produce, brainstorming the complementary pairing of flavors and aromas, and investing their time, emotions and efforts in filling up Jar Thuraya jars with mouth-watering delicacies. These proud and hardworking women are honored and acknowledged by Jar Thuraya by having their names written on each jar’s label.

Sustainability Pledge

Jar Thuraya is fully committed to the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for the Sustainable Development Goals, and contributes towards the following SDGs:

50+ superwomen. Handcrafting food. Changing lives.

Jar Thuraya empowers women in the community by granting them an opportunity to utilize their culinary skills and know-how to financially sustain themselves and become more independent. 

Jar Thuraya’s stance for inclusivity allows its older female food producers to enjoy flexible and productive work opportunities that deliver a fair income, a supportive work environment and better prospects for personal and professional development. Jar Thuraya also supports the local economy by working exclusively with small, local farmers and agriculturalists to give back to the local community and contribute towards their financial stability.

Jar Thuraya stands firmly against the consumption of single-use plastic. The Jar Thuraya brand is proudly 100% plastic-free and uses recycled materials in its packaging to minimize waste generation, alleviate the waste crisis and contribute towards a cleaner, and more sustainable world.