From Traditions to Gourmet

We collaborate with Lebanese Women Producers who pour their heart and soul into preserving our rich Food Heritage. Through their dedication, the skills they developed, and the efforts of the local Farmers in providing resources, we transform cherished Traditions into Gourmet Experiences, creating a Culinary Journey that bridges the past and present.

Experience the Artistry of Fusion Preserves

We source our products from Women who invest in recreating traditions with fusions. Our Selection varies from Traditional Za'atar to Jams of Fruits mixed together and spiced with Flowers, Herbs, and Condiments.

Meet the Superwomen

We proudly collaborate with Women Producers from different cooperatives across Lebanon. We source their exceptional products, labeling each one with the artisan's name and hometown. This initiative not only provides financial stability but also celebrates the remarkable efforts of these talented women.

Our Story

From Lebanon to the World